Humanity First is an international aid agency that provides aid and assistance to those in need irrespective of race, religion or politics from registered offices now in 52 countries. HF have been working on projects in 51 countries across 6 continents.

Under our 'Food Security' project, we have started our Masroor Green Thar initiative. Known for its barren landscape and limited water supply, we at Humanity First believe that it is possible to grow fruits and vegetables even in this area. With this idea, we began growing fruits and vegetables in the extreme desert conditions of Thar and now our trees are producing a variety of food items including lemons and Jujube. Our long term goals for this project include teaching the locals to successfully grow fruits and vegetables on a small area of land with limited use of water. This will enable them to not only enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables but to even sell them and earn a living.