Flood Rehabilitaion

In August 2010, Pakistan suffered its worst ever flooding affecting 21 million people across our country Sindh up beyond KPK for which HF provided disaster relief to over 50,000 people. Since then, HF began a number of longer-term activities to help the people towards rehabilitation as summarised below:

  • Agriculture: Progress has been steady since October. So far, HF has been able to provide tools, seeds, fertilizer, irrigation and access to a tractor in different parts of the country to be able to restore over 2,000 acres of arable land for wheat. The cultivation of acres of land by district is: Punjab 1,122, Sindh 392, KPK 200, Balochistan 300.

  • Water - HF has been distributing 782 water boxes from our UK Rotary partners Aquabox and WorldWaterWorks, and at the same time have committed to build 110 hand-pumps in rural areas of which 88 were completed by the end of February 2011. In total, these handpumps will serve a population of 44,000, and so far, deployed pumps are 34 in Punjab, 39 in Sindh, 10 in KPK and 5 in Balochistan kamagra 100.

  • Homes - HF committed to build new homes (size 16 x 14 feet) for 401 families of which 155 are already complete. These are being built in a manner that allows the families to extend them over time if needed. So far 85 are complete in Punjab, 68 in Sindh and 2 in KPK. In some parts of Punjab around Dera Ghazi Khan, delays have been due to the state of the land after the floodwaters receded. 120 solar lanterns have also been distributed to make life easier for rural people.

  • Schools - Finally, whilst most schools were badly affected, HF has ensured that education has started again, and is now finalising plans to rebuild schools in Bait Dariyai and Bait Nasirabad in Punjab.