Humanity First continues to work tirelessly to provide relief to flood victims

Over 20 million people still remain badly affected by the devastation brought about by the floods. As diseases, displacement and disillusionment set in, HF redoubles its efforts to help these victims. We are reaching new families while maintaining the support of current ones.

Humanity First has ramped up its relief efforts very quickly and is currently serving about 37,200 people through a team of over 200 dedicated volunteers working around the clock. We are committed to substantially expanding these efforts over the next several months in order to reach the entire country.

HF continues to channel tonnes of international aid to the flood victims through Pakistan International Airlines. Some of these items include tents, blankets, mosquito nets, water treatment boxes, high energy food and medicines. Once in Pakistan, this aid is sent via trucks to various affected areas with the help of National Commission for Human Development (NCHD).

Food packages containing pulses (daal), rice, flour, chickpeas, dates, milk, cooking oil, sugar, tea, chili powder, salt, and hygiene items such as soap and detergents are sent out weekly to over 950 families. So far over 68 tonnes of food aid has been distributed generic levitra.

Our medical teams continue to hold camps treating injuries, infections and illnesses and have already helped  over 10,000 patients. We are also distributing tons of invaluable medical supplies including drugs for malaria, tetanus, cholera as well as first aid kits, gloves and face masks. We are now establishing a field medical hospital.

Apart from the regular relief efforts, HF prepared and distributed  2,000 gift packs for children under 12s on the Muslim festival of Eid. A typical hamper included high energy food and candy, games, clothes and stationery. The reaction of the children was priceless.

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