Humanity First Pakistan Continues to Aid in Relief Effort

The flood situation in Pakistan has taken on a new dimension. Vast areas of southern Punjab and Sindh are facing a new wave of devastation in the wake of monsoon predicted to continue until early September. The havoc created by floods has destroyed innumerable bridges, embankments and barrages on its way. The next few weeks threaten disease, famine, lawlessness and misery on a scale that Pakistan has never seen. HF Pakistan's Chairman describes the devastation that his team has witnessed:

"Village after village and city after city has been rampaged by the merciless waves of water. People with their meager belongings are stranded on roof tops, high places and even trees stretching hundreds of miles. Many have their cattle huddled close to them. An army helicopter pictured a poor villager holding two fowls with one hand and clinging to the tree top with another."
— Prof. (Dr) MMH Nuri, Chairman HF Pakistan

HF Pakistan, in collaboration with its international partners, has embarked on an ambitious but well organized operation. On the ground, it has reached out to thousands of people in the flood affected districts of Rajanpur, Dera Ghazi Khan, Muzaffargarh, Layyia, Jacobabad, Jhang, Austa Muhammad in Baluchistan, Nowshehra city, Swat and Akora Khattak. 

In the first wave, 500 tents and 600 water survival boxes have been distributed to the needy pouvez trouver ici. Despite issues of logistics and security, our medical team has been running 20 camps in different areas with 2-3 doctors per camp which have assisted over 3,000 patients. Food rations consisting of flour, rice, cereals, sugar, ghee, condiments and spices are being personally delivered to over 500 families every week.

Hundreds more tents, tens of thousands of blankets, hundreds more water survival boxes and huge supplies of medical materials are currently being shipped to HF Pakistan from Europe. In the next few weeks, HF Pakistan plans to expand the delivery of food packs every week for 3 months using its own network to ensure delivery is made to the most vulnerable. The medical camps will also continue and medical kits including mosquito nets will be distributed to fight off disease. "Life straw",  a device for water sterilization, numbering nearly 2500, will be available shortly for prompt delivery to the affectees. So shall cholera tablets and oral rehdration salt as well as high energy biscuits and hygiene kits.

HF's International Chairman comments:

"The magnitude of this catastrophe is unimaginable, causing the worst human suffering in the history of Pakistan. At present, HF’s main focus is Emergency relief and we are committed to support HF Pakistan in the delivery of relief goods to the most vulnerable families in different regions. HF has launched a global appeal. Millions of people need urgent help, and it is likely to take years to restore normality to the affected areas. I would urge donors to continue their support for flood affectees."

— Ahmad Sayed, Chairman HF International